Relaxing Dining & Garden Space

Sittingbourne, Kent

Project Description

The client had two main requirements regarding their garden - a large area for outdoor dining / family gatherings and a peaceful, serene space to relax and appreciate wildlife.

The large patio area is paved using light grey porcelain and broken up by adding Belgian clay pavers laid in

herringbone pattern.

Weathered steel panel hanged in the centre of the house elegantly contrasts against white background.

Large planting beds on all sides of the dining area soften the space, and an addition of fragrant plants like lavender, rosemary and salvia creates a pleasant dinning experience.

The lower part of the garden focuses on meeting the second part of the brief. Planting scheme includes many wildlife attracting species, especially Malus trees which red fruits are loved by birds. Plank paving is laid in an irregular way and gaps are filled with chamomile and Irish moss, creating a naturalistic effect.

Large pergola is used to add height and mass to the garden, and Siberian larch battens form an attractive rear boundary.

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