the process

Initial Visit & Estimation

We will meet with you face to face and discuss what you would like to achieve through the project.

Once we discuss all the ideas and plans for the garden and its future look, we'll be able to provide you with an estimation for the actual projects with a breakdown of costs.

We're proud of our work and take great care with every project while remaining competitively priced!
That's a rarity.

Design and Planning

The next stage is a fun one! Design and Planning.

We can offer you creative in-house designs or alternatively, match you up with one of the experienced designers we co-work with to ensure your expectations are met.

Due to our collective 30 year experience, we are experts at implementing even the most innovative of designs. So don't be shy with those crazy ideas.

We will discuss each detail with you and ensure the communication is clear every step of the way,

Demolition & Clearance

Step three, Demolition & Clearance.

Once the design has been discussed and you've given it a green light, its time to move onto the hands on work.

Anything that needs to be removed will be destroyed, the ground will be levelled out and all the unnecessary objects will be scrapped and disposed of. This part of the project will get messy but you'll reap the rewards soon!

Landscaping and Construction

Due to our extensive experience in the field, you will be guaranteed that the work will be completed with professionalism, dedication and skill.

From water features and ponds to paving, carpentry, masonry and fencing, we provide the best standard of work and materials.

We are constantly improving, developing and expanding; exploring new trends, ideas and creating picturesque outdoor spaces that make an appearance in the catalogues.

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